Novus Medical Detox Centers® Has Established a Centralized Senior Management Structure

This ensures  long-term quality control and viability of the Novus organizations under it, to oversee expansion, identify where Novus is needed and situate a facility there.

Maintaining and Standardizing a High-quality Continuity of Care Nationwide

Upholding ethical standards at Novus and changing the ethical standards of treatment in the industry as a whole are core principles.

About Us

Our Vision

Novus Medical Detox Centers® oversee the long-term quality control and viability of the organizations under it and to maintain and standardize a high-quality continuity of care nationwide. It was formed to have on a national level, a centralized Senior Management Structure which will be over all Operations, Nursing Staff, Finance and Admissions of the individual centers.

Our History

Since 2007, Novus Medical Detox Centers® have brought relief to thousands of people suffering from the scourge of alcohol and drug addiction. Novus Medical is tasked with over-seeing the expansion of the Centers to bring relief to thousands more.

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Our Values

The quality, care and integrity of the organization is what has made Novus Medical Detox Centers® a leader in the industry. Novus Medical will ensure these remain in the forefront of all projects and will work toward changing ethical standards of treatment in the industry as a whole.

Meet the Team

Kurt Feshbach

Kurt Feshbach

Founder and Chairman of the Board


Acknowledged for over 30 years as one of the most innovative investors in the US and manager of a billion-dollar hedge fund, Kurt Feshbach now runs a private corporate intelligence firm devoted exclusively to catering to the needs of other hedge funds. After having first-hand experience with family members falling prey to addiction, Kurt became involved in their recovery process and became dedicated to helping others regain their lives through the development of Novus Medical Detox Centers, LLC.

Bryn Wesch

Bryn Wesch



As the CEO of Novus, Bryn continues to oversee the expansion of the company where she began as CFO, marking three years on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies in the US, supervising the physical expansion of Novus by obtaining financing and overseeing the expansion of the original facility in the Tampa Bay region and recently designing and constructing a second state-of-art facility in West Palm Beach.

Will Wesch

Will Wesch

Chief Client Services Officer


With over 25 years experience in client relations and business management, Will began working in the addiction field over 10 years ago, helping individuals and families seeking help for themselves and their loved ones. Will then joined Novus in 2012, successfully organizing the Admissions and community outreach marketing activities. Will’s extensive experience in partner management has made Novus one of the industry’s most trusted partners. After helping thousands of individuals and families, Will continues to organize and grow Novus so that more lives can be saved and attain sustainable sobriety.

Kent Runyon

Kent Runyon

VP for Community Relations


Kent has over 20 years of management experience and over 15 years of executive level experience developing and leading accredited social services programs addressing diverse human needs including addiction, homelessness, poverty, trauma, and family reunification. He came to Novus drawn by its mission and vision to help others and to pursue excellence in the field of recovery. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Ball State University and later received his Masters Degree in Management from Indiana Wesleyan University.

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